Sunday, March 2, 2014

Terezin, Theresienstadt: Alice Herz-Sommer, Musician, Survivor


The musicians among prisoners at Terezin were allowed to live, some of them, and they performed brilliantly under circumstances where death waited for so many.  Meet Alice Herz-Sommer, now 107 and enjoying life and still a musician: 

Playing the music: She and others did, while the transport trains moved in and out, day after day, including to the place where the tracks ended.  Even now, shadows at day's end show a Terezin still largely abandoned, a view from the little restaurant open for talk and basic food.  These are barracks in this old garrison town, where Germans faked good treatment of Jews.Alice Herz-Sommer would have stayed, most likely, in one of these garrison blocks. Now, she is the Lady in Number Six.  Is this the number 6 her current residence in London? Or does it possibly refer to a Theresienstadt location? That not likely.  Will listen-watch the video again.

During our stay, the town was beginning a restoration, see, with many vacant buildings and old ammunition dug-outs occupied by persons in need. Other areas already boasted good housing, and the only restaurant we found is probably augmented my many more now. Other survivors were interviewed in 2010 regarding the music. See