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Holocaust. Perished in the Shoah. The Loss of a Czech Family 1941-45. These Individuals Lived.

Holocaust. A Family Accounting

 Genocide Individualized; Not Just "Group"

The European branch of Czech Family A.
All perished in the Holocaust
Except One: The Survivor
I.  Yad Vashem
II. The Family A - Grandfather
III.  The Family B - Grandmother

The Final Solution, architect:  Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrict, Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, see new novel HHhH (English translation of HHhH -- Himmler's brain was Heydrich) by Laurent Binet, translated by Sam Taylor, at  How could any of this happened.  Find out the mindset, the courses of action and inaction. In 1946, at Nuremberg, German Chief of Staff, Keitel, said that in 1938 the Reich would not have attacked Czechoslovakia if the West had supported Prague. HHhH at p.80.

Here, we are tracking the members of the European branch of an entire Czech family, perished in the Holocaust, the Shoah, according to records and the testimonial source laid out here. This is not offered with the precision of a geneology, but to demonstrate this other truth: That horrendous events presented as crowds can fade. Memory, and respect, require individuals. The danger is objectifying those individuals, like specimens, turning what had been individuals into a thing to be examined. No. Not right. Keep it Family A, B, surname C.  This family is one example among many. Individuals in this family were sent to many ghettoes and concentration-extermination or slave-labor camps, as listed.

The Jewish tradition is not ours, but the point about mindsets here, leading to genocides and killings, or at the least elsewhere, extreme exclusions, is not limited to one religious or ethnic group.See FN 1

I.  Yad Vashem

A. Source and process:  Yad Vashem Central Database. This is part of an ongoing memorial and historical documentation effort by a large institution-complex dedicated to that purpose.  Yad Vashem collects records and other evidence of the Holocaust, known as the Shoah in Hebrew. Victims' names are part of that work, and are coming online. Yad Vashem receives information, coordinates, and publishes. See ://

B. Clearinghouse and coordinator.  This is one source among others. Information may be as a Testimonial from someone who knew or had a relationship with the missing person. Yad Vashem provides a form; and then cross-references to lists from the Third Reich:

1.   prisoners on the transports to the camps or a ghetto;
2.   inmates at the camps.

There may be no cross-reference at all. The person is just lost, no conclusion as to death. Or, remote as it may be, the person indeed got out, found money, passage to somewhere, and went, without leaving a trace, or contacting anyone thereafter.  People still hope.

C.  Testimonials:  This is personal good faith information, by identified people.  At least, if there is no Nazi record,  the Testimonial is there to say that this individual lived.

If the last Holocaust record had been that the person had been on a transport or inmate list, there will  be an entry by Yad Vashem of presumed death in the summary paragraph as you do the search.  The entry will speak with the person's first name. That, in effect, personalizes the entry and lifts it out of mere objective administration detail.  Then come the words, most of the time: "Perished in the Shoah;" or "Perished;" where the camp list at liberation did not include the person's name.   Jana perished in the Shoah. Karel perished in Majdanek, Camp.

D.  Survivors.  Victims who lived are not included in the database. Their history in the Shoah is their story to tell, if they so choose; and is not the focus of Yad Vashem's database. Yad Vashem welcomes those stories, and evidence, however. The entire memorial effort is ongoing, and huge.

E.  Memorials and historical record.  First, do a Testimonial if you know of someone, and do not see it in the database. Second,  keep looking for a person's records at Yad Vashem. New data comes online.

Records also vary in spellings and data - a German making notes of a person speaking in Czech, when there are hundreds in that line, may vary widely. The listing may be under something not anticipated.   Yad Vashem. See ://  See also ://; and


A.  Other spellings: Records vary.  Germans recording Czech; Mis-hearings, Typos.

B.  Dates:  Listed, as in Europe -- Day, Month, Year

C. Members of the Families A and B were in these Concentration, Labor Camps; Ghettoes  

Auschwitz-Birkenau, PL

        Izbica, Lublin PL a transit ghetto, see ://

        Kaufering, DE - subcamp of Dachau, near Munich, see ://

        Litzmannstadt, Lodz PL - see (American Holocaust Museum material. Did they get it right?). The annual commemoration of the liquidation of the infamous Lodz Ghetto us pending: the Litzmannstadt Ghetto, in Poland. See :// and 

        Majdanek, Ujazdow, Lublin PL ://

        Maly Trostonets, Minsk, Belorussia (USSR) ://

        Ossowa, PL (labor camp) see transport record, ://

        Raasika, Harjumaa, Estonia.  Raasiku is a Parish, Harju is a county, see ://  Is the identification here as a hub in Estonia, with further transports elsewhere, such as  Vaivara, the largest Estonian concentration camp, at ://; or elsewhere in Estonia

        Riga, Vidzeme, Latvia, ://

        Sobibor PL, see ://

        Theresienstadt:  Ghetto, Terezin (former garrison town) CZ - see ://

        Treblinka, Concentration Camp, Lublin  PL - see ://

        II. FAMILY A

        A Grandfather's family
        Adolf  A: Two marriages


        1.  Adolf A
        Married Ema? See see entry, Hanna C (C here signifies a name by marriage), name comes up in later search for Eva A*)
        Probably deceased before the Holocaust?
        Nothing found in Yad Vashem,
        Adolph or Adolf
        Not in Prague of Pilsen databases
        No Testimonial form
        No record listings.

        Ema A
        Nothing found (probably deceased at the time, since Adolf had married Jana B, and both were probably deceased by the time of the Holocaust?)

        2.  Children of Adolf A and first wife Ema: 

        2.1  * Hanna C, a/k/a Khana, a/k/a C
        Born 27/04/1894 in Lipa
        Married Ludvig
        Father Adolf A
        Mother Ema [a search for Eva A produces this reference to Ema]
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt
        To Auschwitz PL
        Testimony of Ema Pik, daughter of Hanna

        2.2  Josef A
        Married Frieda (see 3 children of Josef and Frieda below: Gerald, Karl, Julia)

        Multiple entries for a Josef A - someone can sort out the generations, which may be other families
        • Josef A born 26/06/1872
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt CZ
        • Josef A born 28/11/1891
         Prague base
        To Theresienstadt
        To Auschwitz PL
        • Josef A born 24/09/1898 in Hungary
        Prague base
        Testimony form by uncle, Milos Kaspari:
        Spouse maiden name Fialova (no first name given)
        To Sobibor PL
        • Josef A born 1898 (no date given) in Kolin CZ [looks like same person as 1898 above]
        Testimony form by daughter Hanna Seckel:
        Father's first name Karel
        Mother's first name Rose
        Spouse name Emilie Fialova
        To Sobibor PL

        2.3  Hans

        Born 03/05/1934 (that is May 3, 1934)
        Prague base

        To Theresienstadt
        To Auschwitz PL

         3.   Children of Josef and Frieda A

        3.1  Gerald A - no information yet

        3.2  Karl A - several entries
        • Karel A
        Born 23/10/1917
        Prague base

        To Theresienstadt CZ
        To Majdanek, Ujazdow
        • Karel A -- Not in same line?
        Born 16/04/1918

        Prague base
        Testimonial from Cousin Marta: parents Moritz A and Franciska Chitz
        Testimonial destination -Auschwitz
        Testimonial occupation - Student
        To Theresienstadt CZ
        To Treblinka, Lublin PL (records)
        • Karel A
        Born 09/12/1923
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt
        To Riga, Vidzeme Latvia
        • Karel A
        Born 01/04/1926
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt
        To Auschwitz

        3.4   Robert A
        Married Irma - (see children of Robert and Irma below)

        There are two Robert A's
        • Robert A
        Birthdate suggests he is husband of Irma? *
        Prague base
        Born 21/12/1890
        To Theresienstadt CZ
        To Raasika, Harjumaa, Estonia
        • Robert A - this is a much younger one.
        Born 1/2/1931
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt CZ
        To Auschwitz PL

        3. * Irma A, wife of Robert 

        Born 2/2/1885
        From Vienna to Riga, Vidzeme, Latvia

        4. Children of Robert and Irma A
        • Willi A
        No information
        But see:
        • Vilem A
        Born 19/11/1883
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt CZ
        To Auschwitz PL


        JANA B  A

        1.  Jana B A
        Probably deceased by the time of the Holocaust?
        No record in Yad Vashem for that spelling
        A/k/a Yana, see 3.2
        No record
        With son Ernest born 1896, she would be born, say,
        No Testimonial form
        No listings.

        Alternates: Is she one of the following:
        •  Jana B'
        Born 1871 - Possible birthdate if Ernest born 1896
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt
        To Treblinka
        • Jana B''
        Born 1872 - Possible birthdate if Ernest born 1896
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt
        To Treblinka
        • Jana B '''
        Born 1899 - not a possible birthdate if Ernest born 1896
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt
        To Maly Trostenets, Minsk
        •  Jana B ''''
        Born 1920 - not a possible founding grandparent
        Prague base
        To Theresienstadt
        To Izbica, Lublin PL

        2.  Children of Jana and Adolf A

        2.1  Otto A

        Had earlier emigrated to the US
        Would not be in the Holocaust database
        Married later, No children
        Born 1894
        Died in US

        Remaining in Europe:

        2.2  Ernest A
        a/k/a Ernst; a/k/a A'
        Testimony plus two Records
        Spouse Melania C a/k/a Melanie a/k/a C' a/k/a C''
        Mother Jana a/k/a Yana
        Father Adolf
        Born 1896
        Age 48
        Prague base
        To Litzmannstadt Ghetto, Lodz PL
        Perished 1942
        • Wife Melania C
        A/k/a  A, a/k/a  A'
        Testimonal form:
        Born 1897
        To Litzmannstadt, Lodz PL
        Perished 1942

        3.   Children of Ernst and Melania A
          3.1 . Edith A C
          a/k/a Edit; a/k/a  A'

          Married Siegfried a/k/a Sigi C a/k/a C'
          Born 23/2/1920
          Age 24
          Prague base
          To Auschwitz CZ
          Perished 1944

          3.2 .  Herbert A
          Born 11/3/1929
          Prague base
          Prague To Lodz Ghetto, Sulzfelder Strasse 23, Flat 35
          Testimony from Alfred:
          Herbert to Auschwitz CZ

          3.3 .  Kathy A
          Testimony from Alfred
          Born 2/7/1933
          Marital status: Child
          To Auschwitz PL

          3.4 . Alfred A (survivor) (emigrated to US)

          3.5.  Martha A
          See a Marta C a/k/a C'  a/k/a A'
          Prague base
          No birthdate
          Testimony page by Alfred
          But he identifies her as his niece
          (is this a daughter of Martha, his sister?)
          Conclusion of Yad Vashem:

          3.6.  Helena A
          Married Richard C (see children below)
          Born 1898
          Prague base
          Testimony by Alfred
          Conclusion of Yad Vashem:

          3.7. Julia A
          No information so far
          Married  ____________C (see children, below at 3)

          4.   Children of Julia A C
          • Is there a Robert  A as a child as well?  See earlier Robert A entries and check for generations.
          •  Jirka C
          No information
          Jirka, Jitka
          • Husband:  Jirka Married Karel C
          Karel C, husband of Jirka C (daughter of Julia A)
          Born 18/12/1905
          From Trebic CZ to Theresienstadt CZ
          To Lublin PL

          5. Children of Helena A a/k/a A', and Richard C, a/k/a Rikhard, a/ka C
            5.1  Hanna C  a/k/a Khana
            Niece of Alfred A
            Testimony of Alfred:
            Born 1938
            Marital status: Child
            Conclusion of Yad Vashem:

            There are many other C's, various spellings, numerous years.  See

            5.2   Paul C
            Nephew of Alfred A
            No information

            5.3 Greta C - Stepchild
            Born 1920
            No information


            B. FAMILY B
            A Grandmother's Family
            Jana B A and Adolf A

            1. William B
            No information.

            • Vilem B
            Born 1880 
            (could be brother of Jana ?)
            Pilsen base
            To Theresienstadt CZ
            To Izbica, Lublin PL
            • Vilem B
            This looks like the same person as 1a, from other data,
            Despite the birthdates recorded (different)
            Born 1897
            Prague base
            To Theresienstadt CZ
            To Izbica, Lublin PL

            2.  Philip B, a/k/a Phillip
            Two separate Testimonies - is one an update?
            • Philip B
            Several first names given on same testimonial
            Ewald Philip B?  a/k/a Evald
             Testimony John Henry C, cousin 
            Born in Most 28/07/1913 in Most CZ 
            Parents Leopold and Suzanne
            Spouse first name Valie
            Prague base
            To Auschwitz CZ
            • Phillip B
            Second testimony, same person John Henry C
            Born same date, 28/07/1913 but in Ceske Budojovice

            Ceske Budojovice CZ, Hluboka Castle gardens

            Mother is Valie C
            Place of death, Kaufering, Munich DE


            1. Eva A

            An Eva A comes up, not in her own name, but under Steiner, Hanna, nee A; and the name there is Ema, not Eva

            No other information.


            The Jewish population in Trebic was decimated. It never recovered.

            Of 1371 persons deported from the region, including Jihlava, 285 were from the centuries-old Jewish Quarter, Zamosti in Trebic.

            There had been two synagogues.

            Other Jews were harassed, persecuted, left.

            Only 10 Jews survived and returned. See://

            Now? No more Jews. See :// One synagogue, the Front Synagogue, is now used by the Hussites, a protestant reformer-origins religious group. The other, the Rear Synagogue, was used as a storehouse by the Germans, still has Jewish writing on the walls from earlier years, some talk of rehab, but the conversation moves quickly to the big basilica now also World Heritage.


            FN 1
            The Lodz Ghetto. Litzmannstadt Ghetto.

            Issue: Do the extremes of that generation's groups in power recur: Are there resurgences of those who target other religious and ethnic and distinguishable groups as "Other".

            Mindset. At that time, it was Jews, Gypsies, the handicapped, the Orthodox in some places, etc. Does that exclusion mindset make the "Other" so "Not One of Us" that they must be against us. If they are against us, then we can conduct killing and recriminations, justified by our projections of "evil", the Other as expendable. Do Inclusives need watchfulness in every country, every day. Look around at a family gathering this year. This tracking-site is your family in Year-Future, perhaps, if those whose sense of self requires exclusion, denigration, and removal of others from their path. It depends on who exerts what power, and succeeds. Is that so.

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