Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terezin On Stage - "Way to Heaven".. Theresienstadt.

Terezin (Theresienstadt):  More in Arts News

On stage: "Way to Heaven."  A play by Juan Mayorga about the important Nazi staging aspect of Terezin, concentration camp billed as a settlement.  For inspectors from the Red Cross in WWII, see the well-fed little children and happily working adults in fine conditions.  And music, even. A New York Times calls it "a fake utopia," notes the "synthetic contentment." See ://

The playwright is Spanish. The play is offered in Spanish on alternate nights, adding to a universality concept in the issues, if not as to the actual nationality of persons kept, and shipped to Auschwitz and death camps from there.

This small post serves as a collection point for the reviews for future reference.  See this characterization, "an audacious play about a monstrous wrong," at Classical Voice of North Carolina.  See ://

Emerging themes:  how we are duped, how we fail to act on hunches while being duped - liking the duping - and the clash of public view vs. concealed reality. Subtlety and daring prevail over the right.

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